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BuzzPinky Bundle Deal 59 Masturbation For Her

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Doc J - Crystal Jellies - 6 Inch Ballsy Super Cock - Clear Women in particular are constantly in search for a more conscious way of life, and are keen to focus on what is really essential. And such a lifestyle can have positive repercussions in their love life too. That is precisely why pjur developed pjur WOMAN Nude, a water-based lubricant without any additives whatsoever. In the world of fashion and cosmetics, nude rhymes with natural and pure. Naturally, then, pjur WOMAN Nude contains no glycerin, parabens, oil, fat, perfume or preservatives! It was developed especially for the more sensitive skin of many a woman and is consequently completely neutral in taste and odor-free. Needless to say, pjur WOMAN Nude is a lubricant in the time-honored pjur premium quality: for sexuality with greater awareness and without additives, because at times, less is more. Compatible with latex condoms. Pleaser Vibrator Purple

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