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Liquid Silk Lubricants

Looking for the perfect lubricant to enhance your sexual experience? Look no further than Liquid Silk Personal Lubricants! Made by Bodywise in the UK, this water-based personal lube provides maximum lubrication and silky smooth skin that feels amazing during sex.


 The Liquid Silk special formula combines all-over skin conditioning with a perfect blend of lubrication to eliminate skin irritation and provide added comfort and safety. And, it's not just for sex either - Liquid Silk lubricants are also a great moisturizer! Its non-tacky, non-clumping formula won't leave you feeling sticky or greasy, making it perfect for tantalizing tantric sex or relaxing massages.


Say goodbye to subpar lubricants and hello to Liquid Silk lube - the ultimate addition to your intimate collection. Experience the silky smooth sensation of Liquid Silk Lubricants today and discover why thousands of satisfied customers trust us worldwide.

Q. Is Liquid Silk Lubricant made from Silk worms?

A. Thankfully, No! Despite the hilarious internet rumour, we can safely say no silk worms were harmed (or used) in the manufacturing of Liquid Silk Lubricant! The bodywise Liquid Silk Lube formula is very silky, but not for that reason!


Q. Where is Liquid Silk lubricant made?

A. Liquid Silk is manufactured in the Isle of Wight (United Kingdom)


Q. Where can I find Liquid Silk reviews?

A. Liquid Silk has plenty of positive reviews on, and to this day is one of their most popular lubricants.


Q. What sizes are available for Liquid Silk?

A. Liquid Silk comes in 3 sizes. 50ml/1.69floz, 250ml/8.45floz, 500ml/16.9floz.

The 500ml is exclusive to BuzzPinky


Q. Is Liquid Silk waterbased?

A. Technically, No. Liquid Silk is more of a hybrid lubricant, as it contains a small spash of silicone. It is primarily water based however.

Though it's formula is largely water based, It does infact contain trace elements of silicone to give it that luxurious non tacky feel.


Exploring the Sensual Elegance of Liquid Silk Lube: A Comprehensive Guide


Welcome to our comprehensive guide on Liquid Silk, the renowned personal lubricant that has taken the world of sensual pleasure by storm. In this article, we'll delve into the details of this luxurious lube, its compatibility with condoms, its versatile uses, its distinctive color, and clarify whether it is suitable for hair care. So, let's embark on this journey of silkiness and sensuality!


What is Liquid Silk? Liquid Silk is a premium personal lubricant that epitomizes elegance and sophistication. Specially formulated with a blend of water and silicone, it offers a silky-smooth texture that enhances intimate experiences. This luxurious lube is designed to mimic the sensation of natural lubrication, providing long-lasting, friction-free pleasure that intensifies every touch.


Can you use Liquid Silk with condoms? Absolutely! Liquid Silk is compatible with both latex and polyurethane condoms. Its water-based and silicone-based hybrid formula ensures that it won't compromise the integrity of the condom, offering a safe and pleasurable experience. With Liquid Silk, you can confidently enjoy intimate moments knowing that protection and satisfaction go hand in hand.


What is silk lube used for? Liquid Silk lube serves a multitude of purposes, catering to various intimate needs. It is primarily used to enhance sexual pleasure by reducing friction and increasing comfort during intimate activities. Its smooth, non-sticky texture makes it ideal for sensual massages, foreplay, and solo play. Moreover, Liquid Silk can also be used with sex toys to enhance glide and reduce any discomfort.


What Color is Liquid Silk lube? Liquid Silk lube is known for its distinctive, opalescent white color. This unique hue adds a touch of sophistication to the overall experience. The creamy white appearance is a visual testament to the luxurious texture and quality that Liquid Silk offers.


Is Liquid Silk good for your hair? While Liquid Silk is designed for intimate use, it is not recommended for hair care purposes. The formulation of Liquid Silk is specifically created to enhance and lubricate intimate areas, and it may not have the same benefits or results when applied to hair. For optimal hair care, it is advisable to explore products specifically designed for that purpose.


Liquid Silk stands as a testament to the fusion of sensuality and elegance. This luxurious lube offers a silky-smooth experience, enhances pleasure, and is compatible with condoms. Whether you're looking to amplify intimate moments or add a touch of opulence to your sensual encounters, Liquid Silk delivers an unforgettable experience. Remember to explore the vast array of pleasure possibilities with Liquid Silk, and indulge in a world where passion and silkiness intertwine seamlessly.

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