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My Size Condoms

It only feels right, when it fits right! Think about it: Everything you put on your body - from gloves to hats to jackets - is perfectly designed for your size. And now so is your condom. With a custom fit MY.SIZE condom, you will feel everything and fear nothing! If in doubt about your size, be sure to check out the Mysize App on your mobile phone.


My.Size 69mm Condom 10 Pack


MY.SIZE Classic is essentially the MY.SIZE of old - Same product - New name. MY.SIZE Classic provides a tailored fit with 7 sizes. This ensures greater comfort and safety with a condom that fits you personally. A great introduction to the MY.SIZE Brand


MY.SIZE PRO is the new guy on the street. With a thinner condom expect a closer feeling than ever before. MY.SIZE PRO also gives even more choice with 2 extra sizes 45 and 72.


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