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Male Masturbators

Male Masturbators are a great way to get those extra sensations on demand. We've found some of the best male masturbators available, including the advance Kiiroo selection offering an intimate connection with your partner wherever you are, but the fun doesn't stop there!


Our range of mens masturbators includes the amazing Tenga Spinner which has an all new internal coil that twists as you insert with every stroke. Or go hyper realistic with Doc Johnsons Main Squeeze or the BuzzPinky Masturbator Sleeves at incredible value.


Last but not least, Fleshlight who are the true pioneers of the male masturbator world. We have quite a selection, and we ship with absolute discretion, no obvious logos or markings on our parcels. Try today!


What are male masturbators?


Male masturbators are male sex toys designed to heighten pleasure and create an enjoyable stimulation experience. Also called Strokers, fun cup or pocket pussy - They're great for solo sessions and they're also perfect to spice up foreplay with a partner. Compatible with lubes, male masturbators come in various shapes and sizes to provide diverse sensations. With so many options available, male masturbators are sure to keep anyone’s sexual activity unique and exciting!


What are the benefits of using a male masturbator?


Men's masturbators provide more realistic experiences because of innovative technology and designs, which can help create more vivid fantasies for solo sessions. Even more, these devices are great for training your sexual stamina – an invaluable asset when it comes to sex with a partner! They can also be enjoyable for couples who want to explore together; these products come in multiple sizes and colours, so there’s a perfect fit for everybody.


How do I choose the right male masturbator for me?


Choosing the right male masturbator can be a fun investment in self-pleasure! If you know your sexual preferences, that will help narrow down the vast selection of masturbators for men to those made with certain materials and featuring certain textures which cater the most to your own personal needs or fantasies.


You could even invest in one modelled directly from a porn star you admire, or a vibrating version for extra stimulation and pleasure. You may feel overwhelmed as there are so many options available. Just remember to think about what you really want from your toy? Just a fling? Maybe a BuzzPinky masturbator or TENGA EGG is best. Looking for an investment and long-term toy – Maybe you should look at FLESHLIGHT or MAIN SQUEEZE. Whatever the kind of experience you're looking for – we can help you find it!


What Gay Male Masturbators are there?


Gay masturbators are great!


But let’s be honest – if you’re gay, its safe to say that a vagina design is going to be pretty low down on your list. That’s why demand is increasing for these types of masturbators. FLESHLIGHT are leading the way with their FLESHJACK series.


Aimed directly at gay males, the range features masturbators AND dildos moulded directly from leading gay porn stars. You can also find male masturbators that vibrate and even masturbators with balls for an ultra-realistic sensation.


What are some of the best male masturbators on the market?


For men looking for the ultimate pleasure experience, there are some exciting and innovative male masturbators on the market today.


TENGA is a popular choice. Designed and manufactured in Japan, their sleek sex toys for men come in all shapes and sizes from the one-time use EGGs and ORIGINAL CUPs to the Luxury FLIP and SPINNER Collections.


FLESHLIGHT could be considered a market leader and provide all kinds of interesting textures, such as its 'Superskin' interior which simulates real skin for a lifelike feel. FLESHLIGHT have one of the largest collections – FLESHLIGHT GIRLS – of masturbators moulded directly from some of the biggest female stars of the porn industry (Anal and Vaginal).


Do you have a fantasy about being with a pornstar? You might find her here!


MAIN SQUEEZE is another great option – Like FLESHLIGHT and FLESHJACK masturbators, these come in a hard outer case for safer storage and protection of the masturbator sleeve. MAIN SQUEEZE’s main feature are the “SQUEEZE PANELS” which run along the length of the toy. These can be “Squeezed” so you can control the internal pressure you feel for a truly unique and realistic experience.


BuzzPinky Male Masturbators are aimed at beginners or those new to masturbators. We designed these with 3 targets in mind. To offer a masturbator that is SAFE, FUN and AFFORDABLE. Made with high-end silicone so you don’t have to worry about nasty chemicals and can just focus on having fun. There are plenty of designs to pick from so you can find the sleeve that best suits your tastes and desires. All at an affordable price so you can see what the fuss is all about without breaking the bank or going over budget.


Whatever you choose, male masturbators are sure to make your next session alone, or with a partner, unforgettable!

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