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Unwinding and relaxing at home can be a challenge; we all need a little help every now and then. House of Otium has just the thing to get you into a peaceful state of mind. Whether it’s indulging in a luxurious bath with their high grade Himalayan salt or lighting their beautiful scented candles, they know how to make your home feel like a spa oasis.


Start by setting the mood with House of Otium’s Passion Fruit Escape soy candle; the sun-soaked scent will transport you to the coast, stimulating a deep sense of tranquillity. To enhance the moment further, try one of their vetiver-based candles that feature gentle lemon aromas with pink pepper and jasmine undertones - perfect for creating an exhilarating yet romantic atmosphere. Don't forget about ‘Yes I Do’ soy candle for those moments when you want something more passionate! The delicate floral notes paired with rich earthy undertones provide just the right balance between calmness and pleasure.


To turn up the relaxation, fill your bathtub or footbath with House Of Otium's High Grade Himalayan salt and let yourself drift off into blissful serenity. Not only is it great for soothing tired muscles but also helps detoxify your body while bathing - making it an ideal companion to any relaxing evening routine. Enjoy some reading material or light meditation in between soaking sessions to really reap maximum benefits from this regimen. By taking even half an hour out of our day for ourselves, we can be sure that our minds and bodies are getting all the restorative power they need to tackle each day with clarity and focus.

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