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10 Self Care Sex Must-Haves

10 Self Care Sex Must-Haves

Posted by Pinky on 9th Aug 2019

Self care is a preeeeetty big deal right now.

It's booming almost as much as the July heat wave in the UK (did you know it was 39 degrees in London? Shocker).

It’s all over our phone screens; facebook memes, instagram hashtags, twitter trending topics... taking care of ourselves has become somewhat of a modern day trend, giving anyone the perfect excuse to be a little selfish every now and again.

And there is nothing wrong with that!

Whilst celebrities splash on some luxury vacations to the maldives, I’m here to give you a more affordable (and certainly more pleasurable) list of things you absolutely need with you to take proper good care of yourself this summer and truly live the #selfcare.

1. For an orgasms on the go: A Bullet

Have you ever heard 80% of woman don’t orgasm through intercourse alone? Getting a bullet not only will transform a lady's orgasms, but because they tend to be be small in size, they are much more practical and easy to pack with you wherever you go.

For a shimmery climax check out the Rocks off RO-120mm and for your first bullet you could never go wrong with Rocks off RO-80mm!

2. For your inner Anastasia Steele: Some Handcuffs

You deserve better than using a scarf or a belt to tie yourself up in bed! Invest in some handcuffs for the real deal; you won’t regret it. It just spices up your sexy time, it's self care remember?

Some beginner furry handcuffs would be great to start off with!

3. For the lasting lovers: A Cock Ring

You probably think Cock rings were invented in the mid 1900s. Truth is, they have been around for much longer. So long, in fact, that we don’t actually know who invented them. Whoever it was, however, we’re forever grateful for, as cock rings are THE item to have in your cupboard. With an insane variety of colours, sizes textures and vibration options, cock rings will keep him harder for longer.

4. For the trend-setters: Strap-ons!

Strap-ons are penetrating the sex scene (excuse the pun) and for a good reason! Giving people the chance to switch roles in bed and experience different types of pleasure, strap-ons are slowly revolutionising gender-roles in the bedroom.

Take your time and find what strap on works best for you and your partner!

5. For the ones that like it old school: Erotic Novels

Sick and tired of endless scrolling down Pornhub for the perfect video? Have you ever considered alternatives? Particularly geared towards women (for once, yay!), erotic novels go way beyond 50 Shades of Grey. With lots of online sites offering amateur writers and free short stories, erotic fiction is not hard to find and if you'd rather a longer read, amazon is not short of hot-steamy romances for a summer treat.

6. For an oscar-winning performance: Some Costumes

Role-play quite literally gives sex a different life. With an impressive variety of sexy costumes available, who wouldn't want to be someone else for the night?

7. For literally everyone: Lube

Oh the joys of lube!

Although you don't have to use it every single time you get down to business, lube is a wonderful thing to keep in your bedside drawer for when things get a little dry and rough. Not to mention it's an absolute must if you're going at it from behind!

If you're ready to question why on earth you didn't get these before, why not try Liquid Silk lube?

8. For a one night-stand: The right condom

It's time to admit that some people don't fit a standardised size condom. They might fit too tight, too loose, or they simply might not feel right. With an impressive variety in store, choosing a condom should be fun, so why not invest in some colourful ones, tasty ones, big ones, small ones, thin ones, thick ones?

Surprise your partner with some off Buzzpinky's most interesting condom choices!

9. For the single guys: Fleshlight Masturbator

'Practice makes Perfect' as the saying goes. Most men would take that excuse to try one of the new line Fleshlight Masturbators available from BuzzPinky. Textured Silicone made from patented cyber skin makes for a very realistic experience. Easy to clean and use again, with a large variety of different moulds and extensive range of Fleshlight accessories Buzzpinky has a solution for all. We stock Flashlight Masturbators from some of the most acclaimed porn stars on the planet including the Christy Mack fleshlight, the Kendra Sunderland Fleshlight and the Alexis Texas Fleshlight. Fleshlight are masters of male masturbation. 

10. Search for the O - Vibrators

Sex is pleasurable, but Orgasms make all the difference. Nowadays, the taboo is over. Sex toys are no longer deemed intrusive in the bedroom. They can be valuable instruments of pleasure in your quest to satisfy each other. Investing in a quality vibrator can lead to a more pleasurable and ultimately satisfying lovemaking experience. If you prefer the thought of self exploratory pleasure when you're alone, then yes, a Vibrator can be the key to unlocking and making the most of that blissful opportunity too!

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