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10 Tips to Enhance Your Foreplay Experience

10 Tips to Enhance Your Foreplay Experience

Posted by Pinkyxoxo on 26th Jan 2023

Here are BuzzPinky's 10 Tips to enhance your foreplay experience..

  • Take your time: Foreplay should not feel rushed, so take as much time as you need to explore each other’s bodies and get aroused.
  • Increase the sensuality: Use slow, gentle touches, gentle stroking of the skin, and massage techniques to increase the sensuality of foreplay.
  • Get creative: Try new things such as blindfolds, massage oils or scented candles to add some spice to your routine.
  • Be open-minded: Talk about what feels good and share fantasies with each other to keep it fresh and exciting.
  • Enjoy yourself: Don’t be afraid to take control or give up control during foreplay; either way, have fun and enjoy the experience!
  • Change up the location: Move around the house or out in nature for a different setting that can change up your routine and create a more intimate atmosphere.
  • Use verbal cues: Letting each other know what turns you on can help escalate the arousal between two people beyond just physical contact alone.
  • Connect emotionally: Dedicate some time for emotional connection before engaging in sex by listening to each other’s needs and desires without judgement or criticism.
  • Play music: Adding music in the background can set a sexy tone for even more sensual moments together!
  • Laugh together: Don’t forget that a healthy dose of laughter is always welcome during foreplay; lightening up can make it even more enjoyable for both of you!


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