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50 Shades of Reality

Posted by Eliza Taylor (S. Rooks) on 20th Oct 2014

Fifty Shades of Reality:

Ok so hands up those of you who actually read the books. Here is guessing that most of you have and most of you are female and most of you did actually get off on it. You are not alone. Fifty Shades of Grey became an overnight sensation with over 100million copies being sold worldwide. It fulfilled our fantasies and made the words bondage and BDSM things that could be used in a day to day conversation with your friends. I mean my mother even read it. It got brought up into conversation like some sort of embarrassing book review in front of the teacher at school. There are just some things that mothers and daughters should not share. Their reading of an erotic novel is not one of these things.

If you didn't read it here is a quick overview: Girl meets boy, boy makes girl his slave, girl likes being the boys slave, they have lots of hot rampant sex, boy marries girl, and they have 2 children and live happily ever after, after lots more steaming sex. So this isn't actually how real people ‘do it’ but it makes a damn good read and brings control and submission into the bedroom in the most friendly way possible. Reading to one another is a highly sensual experience and is a gentle introduction into the world of Fifty Shades of Grey. However we think there is nothing wrong with putting theory into practice. Now we are not saying that you should go all guns blazing to your partner with ropes, chains, whips and cuffs, wielding anal beads around your head like some sort of demented ape but we do have a few ideas that may well make Fifty shades of Grey work for you. So grab your imagination by the balls, think filthy thoughts and adopt the crash position. This ride is about to get rocky.


Ok, so this may be a bit boring but this is actually the most important thing you’ll need regardless of how you choose to play with your partner. Without trust it will not be fun and without fun it isn't worth doing. Start with a key word for if either of you are going too far. This can be anything from colours to the name of a fruit. The word banana is an amusing one. It will make you smile and may well ease any tension you could be feeling. Nobody can say the word banana without giggling when you are wearing little more than what you were born with.

Fetish Fantasy Super Soft Cuffs

Fifty shades of reality:

So how about the thoughts of being tied up? The feelings of being helpless and at the mercy of ‘your master’ are strangely erotic. The fact he has full control over what happens to you will be a turn on, even more so if your senses are limited. These Pipedream fetish fantasy series soft cuffs are the perfect start. A blindfold, such as included as part of the Pipedreams fetish fantasy lover kit, teamed with being restrained will leave your other 3 senses heightened. Not knowing where the next touch will come from or the next soft tender kiss, where will it be? Stomach, neck, lips or lower? The fact this kit comes complete with a breathable ball mouth gag, whip and tickling wand and a fun dice will make the experience for beginners all the more raunchy. Start steady and work your way through as you become more comfortable. You really won’t regret it.

Fetish Fantasy Bedroom Lover's Kit

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