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9 Erogenous Zones You Didn’t Know Existed

23rd Nov 2016

Give Your Partner More than Just a Stocking This Christmas!

Two words: erogenous zones! “What?” we hear you shout. Erogenous zones are those places on your body that ooze heightened sensitivity and that, when touched or stimulated, lead to sexual arousal. We have your attention now!

Yes, we’re no strangers to the prostate and nipples, but what about those more unusual areas that could make for a whale of a time in between the sheets? Explore our top unusual male and female erogenous zones and enjoy giving your significant other more than just a stocking this Christmas!

Don’t Believe Us? Give It a Go!

So there you have it: a host of lesser-known pleasure hot spots that could help you work wonders between the sheets.

Why not surprise that special person in your life with something a little different to the norm this Christmas?

You can thank us later!

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