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A BuzzPinky Christmas Tale

A BuzzPinky Christmas Tale

Posted by unknown on 8th Dec 2022

It was the season of love, and Buzz had his work cut out for him. As a mischievous old bee who usually spread chaos throughout the year, he took it upon himself to make sure everyone felt loved during the festive period.

He flew around Wonderland with reckless abandon, firing off arrows of love like Cupid and sending random adult strangers into each other’s arms. He watched as couples held hands in the street and shared kisses beneath twinkling Christmas trees; these were moments that lit up his heart even more than all of those fairy lights!

But one night, something strange happened; Buzz found himself drawn towards a small cottage on the edge of town, a place he’d never been before. Intrigued by what could be inside, he decided to take a peek through an open window – only to discover two people sitting close together on a sofa in front of an inviting fire… And they looked very familiar indeed!

Buzz realised with delight that it was none other than Santa Claus and Mrs Claus having some private time away from their usual hustle and bustle - sharing stories about how they met when they were young sweethearts! It was clear that this couple still had plenty of sparks between them after all these years - just like so many others caught up in Buzz’s web of love this Christmas.

Seeing such tenderness gave our hero bee an idea: why not help all those couples find each other again? So, taking inspiration from Santa & Mrs Claus' storybook romance, he fluttered back out into the night sky - ready to bring yet another wave of joyous surprises come morning….

Wishing you and your loved ones a very happy holiday season.


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