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BuzzPinky – Fun Factory Back Stage Pass

BuzzPinky – Fun Factory Back Stage Pass

Posted by Pinky xoxo on 26th Sep 2019

This month we have the lovely Ilona Laboviciute from Fun Factory. Ilona represents one of Europe’s largest manufacturers of sensual silicone toys. Since 1996 their focus has been on developing exciting and innovative adult toys to high standards by providing quality and functionality combined with fun and sensuality. German engineering at its best.

Would you like to introduce yourself and the company you work for?

My name is Ilona and I work for Fun Factory GmbH. We are a German factory which has been making 100% body safe, colourful and innovative toys in Bremen, Germany since 1996.

What is your role within the company and how long have you worked there?

I am Asia and UK Sales Manager at Fun Factory and have been working there since January 2019, though it feels like much longer. (in a good way)

Are you more Buzz or Pinky? (open to interpretation!!)

Definitely Buzz!

What do you enjoy most about your working day?

Being creative and working on a variety of projects. I really love working with customers to come up with different, creative ideas and then setting things in motion, taking risks and seeing them pay off.

Do you have a favourite brand or product you sell, and if so, Why?

One of my favourite products to sell is our Fun Factory Be-One. Fun Factory is generally a great brand to sell as it has such a powerful brand story and great products, so I really feel proud talking about it. Manta however is fun to explain and demonstrate because it appeals to so many people. It really brings couples together in a new and playful way.

What do you think your company does better than most?

Creates high quality products that really do the job. The amount of effort and care that goes into product design, from motor development, to shape development is really astounding. We don’t release dozens of products a year but really focus on bringing something good to the market and I really value that. It also means less waste as the products are reliable and loved for many years by their owners – that makes my environmentally friendly heart happy!

Why do you keep going on about

I just love the Bee! [ED – he’s not as sweet as he looks!] Seriously though, because it´s energizing to work with excited and driven people at Buzz Pinky!

Greatest personal achievement?

I think generally, my willingness to take risks. I am 27 and have now lived in four different countries and speak five different languages. Each time I take a life changing risk, despite fears and doubts I feel a great sense of achievement.

And or Bonus Question –

Best TV series you are currently watching?

Good Omens – I have read and loved the book and I think the series is brilliant too.

Shout outs, Up and coming news (product launches, shows, promotions etc?)

We are currently updating Fun Factory entire look and feel and releasing new, colourful packaging with games inside. We also just launched a brand new couples product BeOne which should be available in the UK before Christmas!

Thanks for joining us today Ilona, we look forward to welcoming you back again in the near future. Don’t forget you can find all the latest Fun Factory products available on BuzzPinky here. See you next time!

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