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BuzzPinky – MD Science Back Stage Pass

BuzzPinky – MD Science Back Stage Pass

9th Aug 2019

This month, we’re delighted to speak with Randy Withers, International Sales Manager for MD Science the company behind the very popular Swiss Navy range of personal lubricants.

Let’s jump in…

  1. Would you like to introduce yourself and the company you work for?

Hi, Randy Withers…no kidding. Swiss Navy

2. What is your role within the company and how long have you worked there?

I am the International Sales Manager. Worked for our firm 8 years

3. Are you more Buzz or Pinky? (open to interpretation!!)

Definitely more Buzz

4. What do you enjoy most about your working day?

Engaging our clients and new prospective clients.

5. Do you have a favorite brand or product you sell, and if so, Why?

Swiss Navy Silicone…Just so silky. Really in a class by its self

6. What do you think your company does better than most?

Create quality products that resonate with our clients intimate wants and needs.

7. Why do you keep going on about

Not sure what this question means! [ED – it’s our bad sense of humor, sorry!] BuzzPinky is a site that appeals to consumers. BP offers high quality at a fair price. They provide a value to their clients.

8. Greatest personal Achievement?

Had two wonderful kids

9. Favourite Joke? And or Bonus Question – Best TV series you are currently watching?

A man walked up to a woman standing next to a very pretty little dog and asked politely. “Does your dog bite?”

The woman looked at him and nonchalantly replied …well no “MY dog does not bite”. Upon hearing this reply this the man reached down to pet the dog only to have it latch on to his finger practically severing it.

He grabbed his injured hand and squealed to the woman….”I thought you said your dog doesn’t bite!”, to which the young woman replied “That is NOT my dog”. !!!! I don’t watch TV series these days …travel too much. I like Game of Thrones when I have time!

10. Shout outs, Up and coming news (product launches, shows, promotions etc?) New CBD line coming to Europe soon!


Thank’s for taking the time to speak with us today Randy, we’ll no doubt catch up again soon.

You can find the Swiss Navy line on BuzzPinky, by clicking here.

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