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BuzzPinky – MYSIZE Back Stage Pass

BuzzPinky – MYSIZE Back Stage Pass

Posted by Pinky xoxo on 27th Nov 2019

This month, we’re delighted to welcome Thomas Hahn from R&S. They are respected for their excellent Condom brands MYSIZE, VITALIS, ON. We’ve worked closely with them for a number of years, and we are proud of our close partnership.

1. Would you like to introduce yourself and the company you work for?

I’m Thomas Hahn, 53 year old father of two grownup sons, carpenter, educator, sexual consultant, offender therapist and verbal bridge builder.

Our Company´s claim is: “All We Do is for Your Pleasure”. Our products embody this goal: with everything we do and create, we want to provide our customers with a sense of assurance in quality. We aim to provide you the very best products to enhance your pleasure and experience.

2. What is your role in the company and how long have you worked there?

At R & S Consumer Goods GmbH, I am fortunate enough to be the bridge between production and end customer. I know the team behind our brands MY.SIZE, ON and Vitalis condoms all have impressive discipline, experience and passion. I pride myself on developing trustful business partnerships with our worldwide dealers network and I enjoy receiving direct feedback from customers, who offer their questions and appreciation for our products.

My journey to this position started almost 8 years ago. My official function is Sales and Marketing Manager.

3. Are you more buzz or pinky? (open to interpretation !!)

I am a fan of phonetics, so I relate to words through their sound: – so I’m probably BUZZ rather than pinky! I also like to play a doublebass – from now on I play a contrabuzz – with my pinky finger!

4. What do you enjoy most about your working day?

Although I always have an idea of what I intend to do in the morning, in the evening my day is not complete without a good laugh! That energy controls the process and leads me: Ride the Tiger! Surf the wave! It’s like life in general: You can only surf wherever the wave shows up – Consider the millions of components that define any given moment. The main principles for a happy and fulfilling working day in my opinion is that – as a compass – you never lose sight of what your values are and what your heart beats for – even if the tasks seem like an ocean – they are “only” the components of the next wave and enable you to swim! So your working day is what you make it!

5. Do you have a favorite brand or product you sell, and if so, why?

My passion is MY.SIZE, because of the complexity of the product. It’s not just a condom – MY.SIZE is a statement, stands for a new image of men, for partnership and social attitude. I identify with everything that makes up MY.SIZE, all of my knowledge and vision of a spirit of partnership – and even society flows into this product and its culture of communication.

6. What do you think R&S does better than most?

I really do not find it easy to judge what we do better than others. I can only describe, that we try to do everything as well as we can.

We are a small team and have great joy in living immediacy, self-efficacy and in meeting our high standards of quality. As a result, everyone in our team faces the challenge of looking into and optimizing many processes. After all, we want to offer the best condom on the planet! The above-mentioned closeness, from the production at the cradle of MY.SIZE, ON and Vitalis Condoms, to the direct contact with the end customer, in my view, releases the greatest possible energy and brings us in strong commitment to the product. Our team virtually embodies the demands we have on our products and is associated with all requirements and needs from the creation to the design to marketing and use.

We put our strength into our products with full conviction. I think we do that well – and our customers realize that we take their desire to have fun with safety very seriously.

7. Why do you keep going on about 

BuzzPinky to me is a long term, trustful business partner, who’s fully committed to our common goals. There is no better ground for any relation than being connected to the same values. BuzzPinky has always the pinky right on the buzz.

8. Greatest personal achievement?

I think to reach a point in my life where I have found balance. As my personal merit, I see this as my daily attempt to lighten up myself and the world around me. These unlighted parts of our personalities, often unattainable through feelings of shame and guilt, can tie up a lot of energy because of our inability to discuss our problems at times. This vital potential could be better utilized in creating a positive outlook, and let what´s hidden get drowned out by positive action. If I can make a small contribution in this way, every day, I’m incredibly proud.

9. Favorite Joke?

How many Germans does it take to change a light bulb? – One. We are very efficient, and this is not a joke.

And or Bonus Question – Best TV series you are currently watching?

Surprisingly I got to admit: I did not watch TV for a long time. The TV has place in the basement now for years. Sometimes I go down there for amusement and laughing”!.

10. Shout outs, Up and Coming news (product launches, shows, promotions etc?)

We are just launching the “LOVEBEARS – the key to adult’s playroom.”

A gummy bear, which in a playful way frees mind and body for physical and mental intimacy. Such a rubber buddy who, when someone finds the LOVEBEARS in his fridge, reminds that there is more in life but work – or changing light bulbs alone.

MY.SIZE celebrates you – #itsamatch:

Love is a unique feeling. When your instinct tells you it’s right, you know #itsamatch! MY.SIZE – as unique as you.

We stand for diversity. We celebrate our uniqueness, we prefer to leave stereotypes and labels that seek to define sexual orientations and identities behind us: we embrace diversity among us and believe we should protect and promote this open mindset. Labels, categories, whether positive or negative do not define us, as long as human´s dignity is respected we are advocates for being embracing the individual and their uniqueness. #itsamatch #BuzzPinky

If you're looking for MySize Condoms, you can find the whole selection here on

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