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Explore the Unknown Treasure of Pleasure with Liquid Silk Lubricants

Explore the Unknown Treasure of Pleasure with Liquid Silk Lubricants

Posted by Buzz Pinky on 7th Apr 2020

Liquid silk lubricants have now become one of the go-to choices for couples looking to spice things up for passionate lovemaking. But there was a time when lubricants were thought to be meant for teenage boys and their not-so-innocent adventures. And not to mention the way it was once considered a product for ladies who lost the natural lubrication of the vagina. Nowadays, it is nothing more than a fancy add-on to make things extremely smooth and pleasurable during the intimate moments for young to older couples.

One Lubricant for Pretty Much Everything

From kinky foreplays to some rough fantasies, you can use the liquid silk lubricants in almost all sexual activities you might have planned for the playful weekend. We all know why people lubricate their machines – to add moisture, glide, and smoothness during the operations. And the operation is not limited to the penetrative sex, you might want to include the oral sex, massage, and some spiritual level orgasmic meditation on the list as well. Let’s not forget the solo adventure we mentioned above you can enjoy with a lubricant.

The Sensual Massage with Liquid Silk Lubricant

When we speak of massage and lubricants, the imagination itself runs wild and crazy. Nothing can make you forget the office fatigue as fast as a lubricant bottle in the hallway with an alluring note right next to it. A silk lube is what you need here in case you’re looking for those sensual massage sessions with an anti-bacterial and anti-yeast action minus the smell you always hate in those oils. Or you can also use it during the showers to further increase the temperature of an already steamed up environment.

Pleasure and Skin Care Combined

This liquid silk lubricant can also be used with condoms, be it on the inside or the outside. Putting a little lubricant inside the condom will give you the sensation you’ll never forget. And on the outside, this lubricant works like a charm with an amazingly smooth and clean application. And the icing on this – let us just call it ice cream – is this liquid rose lube moisturizes the skin and keeps it hydrated for long durations with fewer irritations. Arriving at the part where we will suggest it for the ladies who are experiencing vaginal dryness. The reason for this dryness could be breastfeeding or menopause, but the liquid silk lube is one of the best solutions for this problem. It provides a great amount of moisturization and lubrication to make sure you and your partner don’t have to compromise with the desires you hold for each other. The other health benefit includes a reduced risk of skin breaking.

To sum up, you might have thought the lubricants are all the same, with the same application and use. But the liquid silk lube is unlike any other water-based lube with the added skin-energizing properties. There are hundreds of ways you can use this lube to try something new every other night. From massages to rubbing it on the toys, the list is long and kinkier. In case you’re looking to buy liquid silk lube, you can always find the perfect size bottle at BuzzPinky to suit your needs.

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