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Fireworks for Bonfire Night

Posted by vibrator rabbit, cuffs, 50 shades of grey on 20th Oct 2014

Bedroom Fireworks for Bonfire Night:

For us mere mortals that have been in a relationship past the first few months, sex is not something that comes on the list of priorities. There is always something else do to, work to complete, washing to do, ironing, hoovering, washing up, actually this list is endless but why do we sacrifice the only thing in our lives that is fun, free and burns more calories than running? You are not alone.

Contrary to what Fifty Shades of Grey says, irrespective of how much sex is blazed across the TV and regardless of what every magazine seems to state, not everybody is at it like rabbits. Most of us wish we were indulging in the hot, heavy, sweaty and screaming sex that we are faced to endure every single day from the media, you know the sort that makes you want to shout from the rooftops that you’ve just been laid but in reality it never happens like that.

The thing is with TV, books, magazine or film sex is that you never see the waddling to the toilet like a penguin afterwards, the sleeping in the wet patch, the condom that refuses to tie neatly in a knot, the quick cupping to prevent spillages or the embarrassment of looking in the mirror, still flushed with pleasure to see make-up smudged across you face like the Joker from Batman. Chances are by the time you get back from the bathroom, the Mr will have fallen asleep spread-eagled on his back, snoring. There will be no soft pillow talk and Christian Grey is not going to breathlessly whisper in your ear about how much of an amazing shag you are. All sound a little too familiar? Trust me you are normal and welcome to the world of the majority of couples.

That is where BuzzPinky comes in with a helping hand. We have a great range of products to put a few fireworks back into your sex life. One of our favourites is this little Pipedreams Reve Silicone Rabbit. It is white (so know comments from the man about it being pink and shiny) and small so hopefully he won’t get an inferiority complex like he would if you turned up swinging a huge king dong dildo around your nether regions – we know what men can be like about the size of their crown jewels. Allow him to use it on you or swap the tables and gently rest it on his balls or the side of your cheek while you are giving him oral sex. The feelings of your warm wet mouth teamed with this vibration will drive him wild and he’ll be begging you to do it again. Now we've covered Fifty Shades of Grey earlier but if your man is no Christian Grey and would prefer to be watching the footy with his mates down the pub, tie him up so he has no choice but to behave himself. Unleash your inner dominatrix with this Pipedreams fantasy sensual seductionkit and tickle him until he complies. There will be no hiding his excitement at being at the mercy of your hands. The best thing about this kit is that it isn't too heavy for him to cope with. We do still want him to feel like a man after the experience but trust us he’ll thank you for taking the initiative and taking the lead.

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