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Fleshlight Masturbators FAQ - All you need to know about these popular Male Masturbators

Fleshlight Masturbators FAQ - All you need to know about these popular Male Masturbators

Posted by Pinkyxoxo on 22nd Dec 2022

Male masturbation devices are becoming increasingly popular, and Fleshlight is at the top of this trend. At Buzzpinky we are a leading UK stockist and provide the complete collection including the realistic "Fleshlight Girls" range including the Cory Chase Fleshlight and the Tori Black fleshlight. We also stock a range of Fleshlight accessories, including the fleshlight shower mount.

By way of introduction, here is our Fleshlight FAQ to help you learn a little more about these best selling male pleasure toys.

Q. What is a Fleshlight? 

A. The Fleshlight is a male masturbator brand designed to mimic the sensation of real flesh. The outer case discretely looks like an oversized flashlight while housing the inner sleeve, which is designed to look and feel like something slightly hotter. The internal sleeve is made from what's termed superskin™ - a body-safe medical grade type of silicone. It comes in a variety of internal textures and skin tones and is available as a vulva, anus or mouth.

Q. What does a Fleshlight feel like?

A. The inner sleeve is a soft and textured canal which is used with lubricant, so when you insert your banana and begin masturbating, it feels as close to real sex as possible. The adjustable venting system means you can build up or release internal air pressure to create just the right amount of ‘sucking’. 

Q. Best Fleshlight Tips? How to use and how to look after a Fleshlight

A. To get the best possible experience from using a Fleshlight:

1: Go in warm - The removable sleeve can be soaked in warm water, placed on a sleeve warmer, or be used with a water-based warming lube.

2: Go in wet - Apply a water-based lube into the inner sleeve and your penis. Experiment with how much you need. N.B Don’t use silicone-based lubes as these may damage the superskin™ 

3: Enjoy the different textures the Fleshlight has to offer - beating your bishop to death isn’t necessary here. The inner sleeve has a carefully well thought out placement of ridges and nodules and will do a far better job than your right hand so enjoy the sensation.

4: You need to start off clean so make sure you wash and dry it thoroughly after every use. 

5: Use the Fleshlight renewing powder to help keep the superskin™ in its’ original soft condition. 

Q. How to clean a Fleshlight?

A. Remove the inner sleeve and flush through thoroughly with warm water. We recommend that you use a sex toy cleaner as soap may damage the superskin™ material. Dry thoroughly with a towel after or leave to air dry in a warm place. The Fleshlight may feel sticky afterwards but this can be remedied by using the Renewing Fleshlight powder.

Q. Should I buy a Fleshlight?

A. You may be thinking ‘is a Fleshlight worth it? Or ‘why are they so expensive?’ 

When you're looking to buy a Fleshlight, remember, not all products are made equally and there are just some things in life that are worth every penny for the experience they give. Couples can even use the Fleshlight as a foreplay device, or to help with stamina training. We believe that if you use and look after your Fleshlight as recommended, it should last you for many, many, lone hours to come. The only downside is that you might want to use it too often.

Don't forget you can check out our whole range of Fleshlights here!

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