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Liquid Silk Personal Lubricant From Bodywise

Posted by Pinky on 27th Jun 2019

The Low Down on Liquid Silk Lube

There seems to be a bit of a stigma around using a personal lubricant. We need to stop automatically linking it to ‘vaginal dryness’ and start talking pleasure! Human Beings have sex ALL THE TIME, so let’s talk about it and make it better!

Let’s get rid of the Taboo

Most people know that using a lube is the best way to get things ready down there if your lady bits are experiencing a bit of a drought. Vaginal dryness is very common and happens to many women at some point in their lives. It doesn’t need to be taboo and we should be the ones telling our vaginas what we want to do, and not the other way around! And guys it doesn’t (usually) mean she’s not interested in you and no you’re (probably) not crap - so let’s forget the negative attitudes and lube up.

Enhance the Pleasure

What some people don’t realise is; how much lube can enhance the feelings in your pleasure zone, even if you’re already on your way to drowning in the Pacific Ocean, or you’re harder than a builder’s hard-hat. You can never have too much of a good thing so why settle for 50% when you can have 100%?

Think back to a time when you wanted a ‘quickie’ but couldn’t quite catch up with your man (who was almost at the point of no return, having thought about sex 169,000 times that day). A little bit of lube to get those nerve endings receptive could have really helped you catch up here.

If you thought using your sex toys was great, try adding some lube to REALLY heat things up. You will have to leave your bedroom at some point though!

And….ANAL SEX…….lubricant is a must for this. You need one that’s long lasting and slippery so it feels great for both of you.

Liquid Silk – Game Changer

Thankfully our friends at Bodywise developed Liquid Silk and this opaque silky smooth formula has you covered. We think it’s one of the best lubes available. It is a water-based formula which means it is smooth and silky. It’s not sticky and with a lockable pump mechanism, its not messy like some other lubes and it’s easy to clean up. It also has the added benefit of a little bit of silicone which means you’ll stay slippery for longer without the need to keep re-applying and it’s 100% safe to use with condoms.

Another benefit of Liquid Silk is that it’s a great skin conditioner so ideal for an intimate massage.

Now Available in XL 500ml exclusively from

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