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Maintaining Your Manhood

Posted by Pinky on 18th Jul 2019

For most men, regular (not excessive!) masturbation is a healthy thing, whether you’re single or in a relationship. Some men don’t need to do it much (normal too) and some need more regular……. ‘up-keep’ – you do it when you’re happy, stressed, in the shower, before sleep, when you wake up…. basically, whenever you get the chance or feel the need.

If it doesn’t become an obsession and interfere with everyday life or intimacy with a partner, then it’s actually a pretty routine way of keeping things healthy down there and a great way to relieve stress. This is due to some of the other ‘things’ that are released when a guy ejaculates;

The stress hormone Cortisol which boosts immune system

Endorphins which help you feel positive and contribute to sound sleep

Dopamine and Oxytocin – the ‘feel good’ chemicals in the brain

It’s completely normal for a man in a healthy, loving relationship to enjoy some ‘alone time’ and if you’re not choosing masturbation over your partner, it’s a good way to satisfy yourself if your partner has a ‘headache’.

Stamina, Performance, Technique

Masturbation can also help you become a better lover – you’ll know yourself better physically, so when you’re being intimate with your partner, you’ll recognise what’s working (too) well and what isn’t, satisfying you both for longer.

For men, a plain old ‘hand’ job is just that; it gets the job done, but how well? It can be a bit functional. Experiencing something more realistic will not only improve your enjoyment during solo play but it will also improve your stamina and overall performance when confronted with the real thing.


In the privacy of some close friendship circles, women may talk about ‘dildos’ or ‘vibrator’s’. Whether they are to be used intimately with a partner or for solo play – we all know they exist, what they look like and how they can enhance sexual pleasure and intensify orgasms.

Male sex toys like the Fleshlight are probably not on the list of hot topics of man-talk when they get together, so we thought we would give you an insight into one of our favourite products for men to play with.

The Fleshlight Masturbator resembles a large flashlight with it’s plastic outer-shell. When you turn it around, you are presented with either a ‘fleshy’ vulva, anus or mouth ‘opening’. Fleshlight say that ‘the key to simulating the feel of real sex is simulating the feel of real skin in a body safe way.’ They achieve this with the ‘superskin’ material that the inner sleeve is made from.

This is where the fun starts. When you insert your manhood (with a little bit of lube), depending on the variation you have chosen, you will be greeted with different internal textures, designed to mimic a real vagina (or anus), which ‘grip’ and massage you to climax. The venting and suction system also allows you to adjust to the right amount of pressure inside the sleeve. Simply twist the cap on the end until you get the sensation just right!

You can even go for a hands-free thrusting fantasy with a Fleshlight shower mount and choose a vulva or anus modelled on your favourite porn-star with a Fleshlight Girl or Fleshlight Jack. AT Buzzpinky we stock an extensive range of Fleshlight Girls and Boys, have a look at our range which includes the Riley Reid Fleshlight and the Dillion Harper fleshlight.

When you are finished, simply wash with water and an anti-bacterial toy cleaner and leave to dry. (And then hide it somewhere until you’re ready to use it again).

If you’re interested in taking a further look at the range and variety of Fleshlight sextoys and Fleshlight accessories available on BuzzPinky – click here.

Pinky x

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