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Merry Christmas

Posted by Susie L on 27th Nov 2015

High Class Products for Seasonal Gifts by BuzzPinky.

BuzzPinky offers a wide range of intimate products, to suit everyone's tastes; and here we'll take a look at some of our most popular brands - and what they have to offer at affordable prices - which make for the perfect gift, to either treat yourself, or for your significant other. As the nights get darker, and the days grow colder, there is no better time to discover the pleasures of something new; so let's take a look at some of the world's leading brands of designer intimate products...

Swedish company LELO are known for their sleek style and innovative constructions, which lend their products a unique and comfortable feel. LELO products are also discreetly designed, a factor which has attracted millions of people to their self-titled “Pleasure Objects”, in over forty countries.

The craftsmanship behind LELO products is clearly obvious, made as they are from quality raw materials, which are both non-toxic and phthalate-free; the engineers at LELO have designed all their products to be energy-efficient, without affecting their Pleasure Objects' lifespan, so they are able to provide hour upon hour of quality fun.

LELO sex toys for women are known throughout the world to be some of the most powerful on the market, offering a wide range of choice and fun. BuzzPinky supplies the MONA wave, which was the first G-spot stimulator on the market. This item has transformed the act of orgasm for many women; whether used alone, or with a partner, it never fails to provide an intense experience. With the use of TIANI; this is worn internally by women, but delivers stimulation to both partners during intercourse - this vibrator is operated via remote control, and is the perfect accessory for those who like being teased and pleasured at the same time. Whatever your personal taste regarding vibrators, you can guarantee that LELO will have something to suit you - from wands, bullets, romote control operated, rabbits, to luxury gold-plated dildos and designs - there is something to suit all tastes! - and that's without neglecting the men, either; LELO offer a wide selection of male-oriented products, ranging from prostate massagers, to penis-rings and butt-plugs. The LELO Earl is quite possibly the most stylish butt-plug out there; Earl comes in either twenty-four carat gold, or stainless steel, and is packaged exclusively with cuff-links, making for a truly remarkable gift, ideal for a discerning gent. Here at BuzzPinky, we also offer LELO romantic accessories, ranging from the Tantra Feather Teaser, which is soft, sensual and stylish - to the Sensua Suede Whip, which is pliable, supple and equally as stylish. Whichever LELO product you desire, you can rest assured that they are all uniquely designed and offer great longevity, making for a truly unforgettable experience - whether you're playing solo, or as a couple.

German lubricant and personal hygiene company PJUR markets high-end products, selling in over fifty countries worldwide, with twenty years of experience behind their name; they were the first company to develop a silicone-based lubricant. PJUR products are classified into one of various categories: lubricants, massage, stimulation, fetish and hygiene. The products only contain high-quality ingredients; you will never find any distracting flavourings or colourants within any of the PJUR range, yet the company is consistently pushing forward with the introduction of stimulating ingredients such as ginseng, ginkgo and jojoba.

BuzzPinky handles a range of PJUR lubricants and products, as we realise the importance of relaxation when enjoying special times with our partners, or by oneself - and how foreplay, massage and sex are all interlinked, creating those exciting moments we all tend to love; therefore we take great pride in the range of lubricants and stimulants we have to offer.

All PJUR products have been specially designed, so that they can be used in conjunction with sex toys too. The PJUR Double-Effect Glides are long-lasting and super-slippy, and can arrive with a little added extra of caffeine, menthol, ginkgo, or ginseng – all of which are known to stimulate, providing a pleasuring tingling effect, a sensation additionally associated with the PJUR MySpray, which will no doubt delight all your senses. PJUR spray products not only supply the ultimate in lubricating performance, but can add a level of stimulation which is known to increase stamina within men too.

When it comes down to anal sex, BuzzPinky can offer you some of the best lubricants on the market. The PJUR Backdoor lubricant is perfect for the job of stimulating this nerve-sensitive area; it's known for its dependability; it contains special ingredients that are designed for sensitive skin - and like all PJUR products, it is kind to the membranes of intimate areas, helping you to relax and enjoy every moment of their use.

When the subject turns to holistic properties, lubricants may not be the first thing that you think of, but BuzzPinky market a range of water-based lubricants, ones which will not only satisfy the most sensitive of customers, but add some other great elements to their makeup as well. For instance, Liquid Silk is mainly a personal use lubricant, which also acts as a fabulous skin conditioner too. This is a luxury product, eschewing any suggestion of tackiness, which aids sexual intercourse, intimate massage and foreplay. Many users have noticed the benefits of this product, saying they enjoy improved skin quality, tone and texture, since incorporating it into their regime. Liquid Silk will help prevent tearing of the skin, and in addition, is designed to stop the spread of bacteria found in yeast infections and fungal spores. Liquid Silk has also been endorsed by some health professionals, lauded as being especially beneficial for women who are experiencing dryness after pregnancy, or whilst breastfeeding, or undergoing the effects of the menopause. It's available from BuzzPinky in bottles ranging from 50 ml to 250 ml and in sachets of 10ml. All Liquid Silk products use the finest of natural ingredients, and are developed under the strictest of conditions, ensuring that each batch of lubricant meet the exceptionally high standard expected from Liquid Silk. So if you are looking for a water-based lubricant which acts like a silicon-based lube, then Liquid Silk is the brand for you; you will still enjoy the cooling feeling that many other lubricants offer, and it glides easily onto the skin, and intimate areas, and stays in place. It's very easy to use, as it comes with a press-down bottle top which doesn't block easily, enabling you to adjust the amount that is needed with no trouble, preventing any misapplications from the first application. In addition, Liquid Silk doesn't stain at all; whether it gets onto bed-sheets of clothes. BuzzPinky has some great Liquid Silk deals, alongside some of the iSex range of toys - which are ideal for exploring further when accompanied by this holistic-based lubricant.

Rocks Offis surely one of the funkiest sex toy companies that we've seen hit the market. Established in the UK, the company recently celebrated its tenth birthday, and continues growing in popularity each year, making it one of the biggest brands in Europe. Rocks Off products are all assembled with safety in mind, using only platinum-grade silicone and being 100% waterproof unless otherwise stated; each product has its own registration number, which also acts as a guarantee, allowing you to always buy with confidence when it comes to Rocks Off products. The Rocks Off 80mm Bullet vibrator has enjoyed over five million sales so far, and is certainly proving to be a popular item at BuzzPinky; here you can order the 80mm Bullet alongside the 150mm Bullet, housed in a sleek and classy package. If you're aiming for something sexy and smooth for her, then be sure to check out the Rock-Chick; attractive in design, it's a rabbit-style vibrator, which provides G-spot stimulation alongside clitoral stimulation, all controlled using the 80mm Bullet. This vibrator promises that it will rock you into orgasm time after time.

The clitoral stimulator offers a rippled pad which packs some mighty vibrations - this toy is ideal for those who like to try applying varying pressure to both clitoris and the G-spot, for self-exploration, and to be used with your partner.

Rocks Off provide high-quality male products at very reasonable prices too, as evidenced by the Rocks Off Naughty Boy prostate massager. Definitely designed with guys in mind, it looks like one cool gadget and comes in a range of colours. Its packaging is super-stylish and comes packaged with information about male pleasure spots, as well as including the 80mm Bullet vibrator for direct stimulation. The Rocks Off Naughty Boy is perfect for those trying out the pleasure of prostate massage for the first time; the size of the toy removes any hint of intimidation, and is extremely firm, allowing the vibrations to travel along, stimulating the prostate and giving the user plenty of control over how much pressure is used. The materials of all Rocks Off products have a velvet matte-like texture, which is specially designed to hold lubricant, delivering a long lasting and pleasurable experience. And it must be noted, Rocks Off toys all come packaged with batteries included, so there is no need to wait once your product arrives!

UK based firm Fun Factory aimed – successfully - to develop a range of sex toys for both him and her, adhering to high-quality standards, as well as being easy-to-use, infusing couple's sex lives with sensuality and passion. Fun Factory have designed a range of vibrators, pulsators and dildos that are undoubtedly attractive, as well as fun, and the company continues to grow, developing some of the finest sex toys you can find. The majority of Fun Factory's toys are rechargeable, paired as they are with a magnetic base-attachment charger. One of the most popular Fun Factory sex toys here at BuzzPinky is the Tiger; The Tiger is certainly wild, with a choice of twelve vibrational programmes, and comes in a selection of colours. The Tiger can be used by any gender and provides an even distribution of vibrations, as well as perineal or clitoral stimulation. Even though this vibe is a big one, it's still comfortable to use, with a ring shaped grip you can loop your finger through to gain full control. With a series of buttons, it's easy to set, and with a big red button labelled Fun! to press, you really cannot go wrong. There is a safety net if things do get a little too much, however, as the Tiger will cease vibration within half a second if needed.

And so, in closing, all of us here at BuzzPinky wish you all the best good vibrations and celebrations this Christmas period can offer!

Happy Christmas!

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