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​What do you put in an adult Christmas stocking?

​What do you put in an adult Christmas stocking?

Posted by Will Rice on 8th Dec 2023

What do you put in an adult Christmas stocking? Well, we are BuzzPinky after all so Sex Toys! Lots of lovely sex Toys! Small sex toys, funny sex toys, But what if you need a bit more inspiration than that… Well here’s a little guide to what we think might add that extra Buzz to your stocking. We have looked through our catalogue and picked some small adult toys that we think would be a great addition to an adult Christmas stocking. Low cost, small and fun – lots of little surprises that will bring a smile. So here we go – elves at the ready, lets get wrapping!

BuzzPinky Daring Dice Game

BuzzPinky Daring Dice Game

Did you know that play dice have been found as far back as 3000 BC? More interestingly, the scientists at BuzzPinky have reengineered the common (and slightly boring) dice into your essential erotic addition to your Christmas stocking. Thats right! Over 5000 years in the making (thank you for your patience) - BuzzPinky are pleased to introduce to you the BuzzPinky Daring Dice Game. The black die has 6 sexual positions, the pink die has 6 locations – roll the dice and get your Christmas Treat. Regrettably the scientists had so much fun frolicking during the testing phase that they didn’t produce a competitive element to this game, but we couldn’t care less as it seems it didn’t need one, everyone’s a winner - Which precisely why it’s first on our Christmas Stocking list!

Mini Wand KeyChain

Mini Wand Keyring Black

You may be asking is there a sex toy small enough to fit on a keyring? We are happy to answer YES! This fun little wand shaped Keychain even vibrates like the real thing offering your partner more than just a chuckle on Christmas day! Never has a car breakdown on your own been more fun! Available in BlackPink or Purple. Yep, going on the keys Love it!

BuzzPinky Lipstick Secret Vibrator Bullet

BuzzPinky Lipstic Secret Vibrator Bullet Red

This little vibrator masquerades as a lipstick. With removable cap Santa will be none the wiser – A great stocking filler that can live in a handbag without drawing any attention. This is bordering James Bond level genius and is a must have Toy regardless of what time of year it is – sorry Santa! Available and RedBlack or Purple

Christmas Dildo

Clear Realistic Dildo Christmas Glitter 6 Inch

You’ve put up your tree, you’ve decorated the house, your neighbours display is putting a strain on the national grid – Everything looks Christmassy, so why shouldn’t your sex toys? The Christmas dildo is here to bring a little bit of festive magic to your bedroom. A clear suction cup dildo features Christmas glitter which sparkles around the inside of this dong. Granted you may be pushed to get the 10 inch in the stocking but it also comes in 6 inch and 8 inch, if not the stocking then perhaps your Christmas Eve Box?

Glow in the Dark Christmas Dildo

Clear Realistic Dildo Glow in the Dark Christmas Glitter 6 Inch

That Christmas dildos a great idea, but it doesn’t glow in the dark you say. Well… just you hold that thought. Straight from the workshop of the lesser known Santas Kinky Elves, comes the Glow in the Dark Christmas Dildo – Like the previous Christmas dildo offering, these come on 6 Inch8 Inch and 10 inch and feature a Christmas glitter which glows in the dark. Keep your dark winter nights illuminated and add more fun to couples play

Sensuous Licks Licking Vibrator

Sensuous Licks Licking Vibrator

It can go in the stocking, its small, it licks, its not a puppy – It’s the Sensuous Licks Licking Vibrator! With its 10 functions and USB rechargeable battery, this oral simulation toy will pack a punch and earn you some serious Christmas kudos! Those looking for an innovative premium toy wrapped up in a small package should look no further.

BuzzPinky Remote Controlled Vibrating Prostate Massager

BuzzPinky Remote Controlled Vibrating Prostate Massager Black

What is one of the best male sex toys? Many men who have tried using a prostate massager would say… well a prostate massager. So why not add a little spice to his kinky stocking? This particular anal toy is unintimidating in size making it a great beginner toy and also a great stocking filler. Its handy remote means controlling the toy is easy for your partner, or you if you feel like taking control? Available in Black and Blue

In conclusion, when it comes to spicing up your adult Christmas stocking, BuzzPinky has you covered with a great selection of small, fun, and affordable adult toys. From the daring excitement of sex dice to the discreet James Bond Gadgetry of a lipstick-shaped vibrator, there's something for everyone's taste. Whether you're adding a touch of penis shaped festive magic with a Christmas dildo or feel the need to direct Santas reindeer with a glow-in-the-dark version, these intimate surprises are sure to make for an unforgettable Christmas. And for those seeking a more adventurous stocking stuffer, the Sensuous Licks Licking Vibrator and Prostate Massager are ready to add a spark to your holiday celebrations. So, let the elves get wrapping, and turn your ordinary evening into an extraordinary adventure with BuzzPinky's collection of adult Christmas delights!

Some other Christmas questions answered.

What's hot for Christmas 2023?

Clitoral Toys continue to be a popular sex toy choice for women. The Clitoral suction vibrators are still popular as ever – such as the LELO SONA or Satisfyer Pro 2. However, the “licking action” of some new toys are also creating a stir, like the Sensuous Licks Licking Vibrator or the OctoBliss Rechargeable Palm Vibrator

What is this year's hottest Christmas sex toy?

To answer this we have to consider the different categories there are for sex toys. If you want to know whats trending this year then anal toys are certainly getting more popular for men and women. We are far more conscious of what we are putting into our bodies these days and sex toys should be considered with the same level of consideration. That’s why we introduced the BuzzPinky Classic 3 Piece Glass Anal Plug Set. Made from premium borosilicate glass, this trainer kit has 3 different sized plugs to help you ease your way to anal pleasure. A smooth tapered tip for easy entry and the natural weightiness of each plug offers a feeling of fullness that isn’t experienced with plugs made from lighter materials such as Silicone or TPE. Easy to clean, they are non-porous and naturally hypoallergenic and latex free making them a great choice for those with sensitive skin or prone to allergies. We know that glass retains temperature making them great for temperature play. Cool down or heat up your plug in water for some sensational feelings. You are also free to use any lube you want with these glass plugs where as more common silicone anal plugs are limited to water-based lubricants.

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