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CleanStream Bag System - Premium Set


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The Premium Silicone Enema Set uses industry standard medical grade silicone to clean and cleanse the colon and anus ensuring they are as clean and fresh as possible.

By using the Clean Stream Premium Silicone Enema Set users can flush out debris from the colonic tract and anal canal ensuring the area feels cleaner and fresher.

The Clean Stream Premium Silicone Enema Set is simple to operate requiring the user to fill the bag with a tepid liquid such as water attach the hose to the bag and select his or her preferred size of nozzle. Then the nozzle should be inserted into the anus and if the bag is positioned correctly gravity will force water into the colonic tract which will then flush out of the system in just a few seconds.

This deluxe enema kit is ideal for beginners and experts. Holding up to one gallon of water and offering a series of nozzles to choose from the Silicone Enema Set offers a large capacity cleanse and improved comfort thanks to offering a thin comfort nozzle and a thicker nozzle for increased pleasure for those who like to be stretched.

Designed for men and women the Clean Stream Premium Silicone Enema Set can be used for anal and vaginal douching making this product exceptionally versatile and capable of a range of health benefits.

The Clean Stream Premium Silicone Enema Set is made from medical grade silicone which reduces the chance of irritation and comes with a collection of four enema tips in varying sizes for varying levels of comfort and pleasure.

This product is also supplied with a hook so that it can be hung from a shower a 6.5foot hose and a leather carry case that contains the spare nozzles.

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