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Fleshlight HerSpot Dildos Golden Rose Large


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What's the hype?:
Moulded directly from star with premium cured silicone
Feature 1:
?? INTENSE PLEASURE: The Golden Rose Large dildo by FLESHLIGHT's HerSpot offers targeted stimulation for G-spot or P-spot
Feature 2:
?? CURVED TIP, DEEP PLEASURE: This large dildo's curved tip effortlessly targets and stimulates your deepest pleasure zones, providing a fulfilling encounter that hits all the right spots with precision and intensity
Feature 3:
?? REALISTIC TEXTURE, UNFORGETTABLE SENSATIONS: Made from body-safe silicone, the Golden Rose Large dildo combines flexibility and firmness to provide a realistic and pleasurable sensation
Feature 4:
?? EXPLORE TOGETHER, IGNITE PASSION: For adventurous couples seeking shared pleasure, this large dildo is compatible with a strap-on harness
Feature 5:
?? VERSATILE AND ADVENTUROUS: Add the optional FLESHLIGHT Dildo Suction Cup for a hands-free experience
How do I clean it?:
After each use, disassemble the toy, clean the case with warm water and soap, and the sleeve with warm water and a suitable cleaner. Ensure thorough drying, allowing the sleeve to air dry, and consider adding renewing powder.
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The Golden Rose dildo series by Fleshlight's HerSpot, was specifically designed to hit the G or P spot even better. The curved tip allows you to stimulate yourself or your partner in exactly the right spots. This flexible, yet firm dildo is made of body safe silicone. This dildo can be used with a strap-on harness which makes it perfect for couples. Would you rather play hands-free? Add the special Fleshlight Dildo Suction Cup to your order: this allows you to firmly attach your dildo to any smooth surface. The Golden Rose series is available in 3 different sizes and is easy to clean with lukewarm water and a toy cleaner. Use water-based lubricant for extra comfort.

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