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FLESHLIGHT Quickshot Mia Malkova


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How do I clean it?:
After each use, disassemble the toy, clean the case with warm water and soap, and the sleeve with warm water and a suitable cleaner. Ensure thorough drying, allowing the sleeve to air dry, and consider adding renewing powder.
How do I look after it?:
Use renewing powder to keep fresh like new
What's the hype?:
Open Ended Masturbator moulded directly from the star
Feature 1:
?? DOUBLE THE PLEASURE: The Mia Malkova Quickshot offers dual exit points molded from Mia's own vagina and butt, for double the pleasure in one compact package
Feature 2:
?? ENHANCED INTIMACY: Elevate pleasure with Mia Malkova Quickshot
Feature 3:
?? COMPLETE PACKAGE: When you get the Mia Malkova Quickshot, you'll receive everything you need for an unforgettable experience
Feature 4:
?? UNIQUE INTERNAL TEXTURE: Immerse yourself in a world of pleasure with the Mia Malkova Quickshot
Feature 5:
?? CONVENIENT STORAGE: The Mia Malkova Quickshot comes with sleeve caps on each end, ensuring convenient storage and discreet transportation
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Experience the ultimate pleasure with the FLESHLIGHT Quickshot Mia Malkova. This revolutionary device features unobstructed exit points molded from the intimate areas of adult film star Mia Malkova, offering a realistic and immersive experience. Whether used for couple's oral play or individual masturbation, the Mia Malkova Quickshot provides intense stimulation and unparalleled pleasure. With its patented clear SuperSkin™️ Sleeve and compact clear case, this product offers convenience and easy cleaning after each use.

Included in the Mia Malkova Quickshot package are two unique orifices - Mia Malkova's Mini Butt Orifice and Mia Malkova's Mini Lady Orifice. These meticulously crafted entry points enhance your experience, allowing you to explore different sensations and fulfill your fantasies. The Quickshot's open-ended design also provides versatility, making it perfect for a variety of sexual activities and preferences.

Designed with a unique internal texture, the Mia Malkova Quickshot delivers incredible stimulation that will leave you craving for more. With sleeve caps on each end, this product ensures convenient and discreet storage, preventing any accidental damage or unwanted exposure. Indulge in the pleasure and satisfaction that only the FLESHLIGHT Quickshot Mia Malkova can provide, and elevate your sexual experiences to new heights.

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