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Kendra Lust


Kendra Lust is the epitome of seduction. With a lustful name and a body that's ready to make hearts race, Kendra has been captivating audiences since her 2012 pornstar debut at age 34. Standing 5'4" with curves like no other - including giant 34DDD breasts and an impressive 25 inch waist – she always brings something new to each scene in Detroit where you can find this sultry MILF performing her artistry regularly. She started by webcamming for three months. People would constantly tell her that she should become a pornstar, or they would ask her if she had done any porn movies. She figured it couldn’t hurt. If that many people were asking her about it, they would probably watch her porn movies. So she sent her pictures to some of the top studios and then hounded them until they booked her. Once she set foot on a porn set, she knew she made the right decision

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