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Master Series Sukshen 6 Piece Cupping Set

Master Series

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Feature 1:
6 graduated size cups
Feature 2:
Easy release rubber tip
Feature 3:
Trigger style pump
Feature 4:
The pump may be detached and the cups will still remain attached to the skin by the vacuum
Length (cm):
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Experience powerful suction and increased sensitivity with the Master Series Sukshen 6 Piece Cupping Set. This versatile set allows you to directly stimulate any spot on your body for a variety of purposes. Whether you're seeking relief from sore muscles, exploring erotic massage, engaging in intense BDSM play, or discovering self-pleasure, this cupping set is perfect for you. The set includes six cups in graduated sizes, allowing you to experiment with different levels of suction and sensation.

Derived from Chinese medicine, cupping is known for its therapeutic benefits. Simply place one or more cups directly onto the skin, creating a strong seal, and use the handheld pump to create suction, gradually increasing it to your comfort level. The cups can be used individually or in combination, and the pump can be detached while the cups remain attached to the skin. The Acu-Points on the cups provide additional stimulation for a more intense experience.

Made of high-quality ABS plastic, the cups are transparent, allowing you to easily monitor the skin's response. The inner diameters range from .75 inch to 2 inches, providing options for different areas of the body. To enhance the sliding sensation, it is recommended to lubricate the skin before use. When you're done, the pressure can be easily released by pressing on the red tip. Expand your sensory exploration with the Master Series Sukshen 6 Piece Cupping Set and enjoy the numerous possibilities it offers.

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