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MISTER SIZE 53 36 Pack Condoms


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Feature 1:
Comfortable and Reliable: With a nominal width of 53mm, these condoms provide a comfortable fit for individuals with an average girth.
Feature 2:
Natural Feel: Designed to be ultra-thin, these condoms offer a natural and authentic sensation during intimate encounters.
Feature 3:
Perfect Balance: The 53mm size strikes a balance between snugness and comfort, ensuring a pleasurable experience for both partners.
Feature 4:
CE Certified for Safety: These condoms are CE marked, meeting stringent safety requirements for reliable protection.
Feature 5:
36-Pack for Ultra-Active Lifestyles: For the ultra-active and optimistic individuals, the 36-pack ensures a steady supply, providing confidence and peace of mind.
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Introducing MISTER SIZE 53 Condoms - The Happy Medium for Perfect Fit and Intense Pleasure!

Embark on a journey of intense feelings with MISTER SIZE 53 condoms, the ideal companion for those who have been getting along well with standard sizes. Experience the pleasure of a close and cosy fit that takes your intimate moments to new heights. Here's why MISTER SIZE 53 is the perfect choice for you:

Perfect Fit for Enhanced Pleasure: MISTER SIZE 53 provides a firm and secure fit, ensuring the condom is hardly felt during sex. Enjoy the freedom to fully let go and immerse yourself in the moment, experiencing enhanced sensations like never before.

Ultra-Thin Design for Pure Intensity: With an ultra-thin thickness of just 0.05 mm, MISTER SIZE 53 condoms deliver pure intensity and heightened sensitivity. Feel every touch and movement with remarkable clarity, elevating your pleasure to new levels.

Smooth & Transparent for Uninterrupted Connection: Crafted from natural rubber latex, MISTER SIZE 53 condoms offer a smooth and transparent design, creating a seamless and uninterrupted connection. Enjoy intimacy without compromising on safety.

Nominal Width of 53 mm - The Happy Medium: MISTER SIZE 53 provides the perfect fit for those seeking a width that falls between standard sizes. It ensures a comfortable and secure fit, enhancing pleasure and providing peace of mind.

Individually Sized Condoms for the Perfect Match: MISTER SIZE condoms are meticulously matched to the user, noticeable in the exceptional fit during sex. Experience a secure and comfortable fit that allows you to fully enjoy intimate moments together.

MISTER SIZE - 7 Condom Sizes for Enhanced Pleasure: With seven different sizes available, MISTER SIZE ensures you find the condom that perfectly fits you. Whether you require a width of 47 mm, 69 mm, or anything in between, our range of sizes caters to your unique needs. Discover your perfect fit effortlessly with the MISTER SIZE measuring tape or the practical MISTER SIZER.

Your MISTER SIZE 53 Comes in Three Convenient Packet Sizes:

  • 3 pieces: Perfect for trying out and exploring the exceptional sensation firsthand.
  • 10 pieces: Ideal for subsequent nights of love and passion, providing you with a sufficient supply.
  • 36 pieces: A smart option for those who prefer to stock up, ensuring you're always prepared for pleasure.

Rest assured, MISTER SIZE condoms meet the highest quality standards. They comply with the DIN standard EN ISO 4074:2002 and undergo meticulous testing to ensure optimal safety and reliability. Trust in the proven quality of MISTER SIZE to enhance your confidence and relaxation during lovemaking.

Experience a whole new level of pleasure with MISTER SIZE 53 condoms. Visit our website to explore our full range of condom sizes and find the perfect fit for your intimate moments. Let MISTER SIZE revolutionize your sexual experiences and create moments of pure bliss.

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