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Orgie - Acqua Croccante Strawberry - Crunchy Moisturising Foam


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Feature 1:
The Explosion Of Small Bubbles In The Foam Deliver a Unique, Super Exciting And Sensual Experience
Feature 2:
Effevercescent Moisturizing Foam with a Strawberry Scent
Feature 3:
An exclusive Orgie product
Feature 4:
Surprise your partner with an unforgettable massage!
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Surprise your partner with an unforgettable massage! Acqua Croccante is a moisturizing and effervescent foam with a delicious strawberry scent that when applied to the skin and under the gentle pressure of your hands causes the effervescence, the explosion of the small bubbles that are in the foam delivering an unique, super exciting and pleasant experience. An exclusive Orgie product.

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