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Orgie Lips Massage Kit Cotton Candy

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Feature 1:
Sensory Exploration: The Sexy Therapy Kissable Massage Set is your gateway to an arousing Lips Massage, combining the warming effect of the massage oil with the sweet and delicious flavor of cotton candy. It's an invitation to indulge in a sensorial
Feature 2:
Sensual Play: Apply a small amount of the Sexy Therapy Kissable massage oil to the intended area, and use stimulating massage strokes. Explore with kisses, licks, and the gentle caress of the included feather. Move from one spot to the next to keep t
Feature 3:
Enhance Anticipation: Orgie recommends adding a blindfold to this foreplay massage. By not knowing the next erogenous zone, you'll intensify the anticipation and arousal for the receiver, making the experience even more thrilling.
Feature 4:
Erogenous Zone Delight: This Kissable Massage Oil is perfect for massaging, kissing, and licking small areas, focusing on the erogenous zones. It offers a delightful warming effect when massaged or air-blown and, when combined with the feather, creat
Feature 5:
Ethical and Responsible: The set embraces ethical values with its cruelty-free status, absence of parabens, and recyclable glass bottle packaging, containing 100ml (3.38 fl oz) of the delicious massage oil.
What's the hype?:
Massage Oil & Feather for teasing sensorial foreplay massage
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Unlock your deepest desires with the Orgie Lips Massage Kit Cotton Candy. This seductive set is designed to ignite your senses and enhance foreplay, providing an irresistible Lips Massage experience. Indulge in the Sexy Therapy Kissable Massage oil, which features a delightful cotton candy flavor and a warming effect. Tease and tantalize your partner's erogenous zones with the included feather, adding a playful touch to your intimate moments. Let your imagination run wild with the Lips Massage Guide, exploring new ways to pleasure and connect with your partner.

The Sexy Therapy Kissable Massage oil included in this set creates a pleasurable and arousing experience with its enchanting cotton candy flavor. The warming effect adds a delightful sensation to your touch, amplifying the passion and excitement during your Lips Massage. Use the feather to seductively tease your partner's body, awakening the senses and heightening their pleasure. With the Lips Massage Guide as your inspiration, you'll discover new erogenous zones to explore and creative ways to ignite your passion and desire.

Experience a passionate journey like no other with the Orgie Lips Massage Kit. The enticing cotton candy flavor of the Sexy Therapy Kissable Massage oil combined with the pleasurable warming effect is sure to leave you and your partner craving for more. Whether you're new to Lips Massage or seeking to enhance your intimate moments, this set offers everything you need. The feather provides a gentle and arousing touch, while the Lips Massage Guide sparks your imagination and guides you towards new levels of pleasure and connection.

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