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Pjur Toy Cleaner Spray 100ml

pjur Lubricants

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For cleaning erotic toys. This spray does not contain alcohol or perfume. It cleans intensively yet gently.

- Alcohol- and perfume-free
- Cleaning spray for the hygienic cleansing of all sex toys
- Dermatologically tested

Keeping erotic accessories clean is crucial for ensuring a healthy sex life. Which is why we recommend pjur Toy Clean after you've used your erotic toys. You can, of course, wash your toys with soap and water, but pjur Toy Clean gives you added peace of mind. It is completely alcohol and perfume free and ensures that your erotic accessories are cleaned gently and hygienically. Its special formula does not damage materials sensitive to alcohol such as latex, rubber, glass, silicone and leather. It goes without saying that our Toy Clean is dermatologically tested as well as odourless and neutral in taste.


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