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pjur WOMAN Lust Intense Orgasm Gel

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Intense clitoral stimulation in a bottle: pjur WOMAN Lust Intense gives women the ability to control their orgasm and add a buzz to their sex life.

  • Water-based formula also suitable for use with erotic toys
  • Up to 15 minutes of long-lasting, intense clitoral stimulation
  • Effective blend of natural, premium ingredients

Whether you use it with erotic toys or during foreplay or oral sex, pjur WOMAN Lust guarantees an even more exciting, intense tingling sensation, inviting you to experience the purest form of stimulation and discover your passion. pjur WOMAN Lust Intense takes maximum clitoral sensation to new heights – and with this innovative, stimulating gel for women, there are no limits to female pleasure.

The water-based formula allows you to intensify your experience however you enjoy sex. With pjur WOMAN Lust Intense, you can explore new sensations and discover tingling pleasure beyond anything you’ve experienced before. The unique, natural blend of effective ingredients provides an indescribable, long-lasting experience.

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