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Rabbit Vibrators

Who invented the Vibrator? If you ask Buzz, he'd probably tell you he did. Actually the vibrator was created by Joseph Mortimer Granville. In the early 1880's he was tinkering away creating and patenting an electromechanical vibrator to relieve aches and pains. It was quickly learned by doctors, the device could be used in other more intimate areas too..


There's a whole world of Rabbit vibes out there to satisfy your every need. From classic, elegant designs all the way through wild and wacky multi-vibrating rabbits that offer new thrills - we've got it covered!


In order find exactly what you're looking for (whether its size preference or style), try experimenting with different speeds on these high quality products before settling into one design forevermore; because everyone knows variety is key when having fun alone OR together!!

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