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Shots Dolls Riha Flesh

MSRP: £3,297.95
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Feature 1:
Made of TPE material
Feature 2:
A stand is not necessary to keep the doll standing, because the doll has bolts under the feet
Feature 3:
3 realistic holes
Feature 4:
USB-body warming element, chestball, lotion, lubricant, refreshing powder, cleaning shower and much more included.
Length (cm):
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Riha will please you, no questions asked. Her soft skin, beautiful hair and lifelike features will give you a realistic experience. So come on over rude boy, Riha will let you do your thing.You can please yourself with Riha in three different ways. She has a juicy vagina, a tight ass and a soft mouth – available for your pleasure anytime. To give an even more realistic feel a body warming element is added. To use the warming element, charge it trough a USB port. In 3 minutes the element should have reached maximum warmth. After this you may insert the element into Riha's preferred opening for a nice and warm welcome.This sexy doll is completely posable and does not require a standard due to the standing bolts (but note: she cannot stand without these bolts). Riha enjoys having and wearing different shoes, though flat shoes are recommended. The vaginal, anal and oral areas of Riha should be cleaned after every use to avoid a buildup of bacteria. You can only use a water-based lubricant with Riha. Silicone or petroleum based lubes can damage her skin. Riha has sensitive skin, that can also possibly stain. You will have to keep her away from items containing inks, such as newspapers, magazines, dark-colored material, black or wet sheets or leather materials containing oil-soluble pigments as well. What's included with Riha: •USB body warming element •1 Chest ball•Lingerie set •Extra replacement press-on nails•Hairbrush •Body lotion / lubricant •Toy cleaner•Renewing powder•Cleansing irrigator•1 Extra accessory vagina•Instruction manual

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