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Skins Condoms Natural Cube 16 Pack


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Feature 1:
No latex smell
Feature 2:
Clear transparent in colour
Feature 3:
Natural feeling
Feature 4:
Extra lubricated for safety and comfort
Natural Latex
The Buzz:
Classic Condoms
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Described as "the best natural condom you can buy," SKINS are a revolutionary new condom that feels just like the real thing. That's why they're called SKINS. Skins Natural condoms are made using premium quality natural latex for a clear, natural feeling, strong condom. So thin they feel like a second skin! Never go in without a Skin! No latex smell Clear transparent in colour Natural feeling Extra lubricated for safety and comfort Skins Natural Condoms have a length of 190mm, nominal width of 52mm. When used correctly, Skins Natural Condoms greatly reduce the risk of pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections, although no method of contraception can give you 100% protection. Please read the leaflet.

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