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Smooth Thick Stretchy Penis Sleeve - Glow in the Dark


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neon green
Feature 1:
Ouch! Glow in the Dark, the future of bondage is here.
Feature 2:
Are you looking for just a couple of inches more in the most comfortable way possible? Then this is exactly what you need!
Feature 3:
Designed with an authentic bondage aesthetic, but with the added delight of the glow-in-the-dark properties, the fluorescent green detailing will turn every event into a part.
Feature 4:
Ouch! Glow-In-The-Dark products must be activated with the sunlight before enjoying it in the dark.
Feature 5:
With Ouch! Glow in the Dark, the fun is just beginning when the lights go out.
What's it made of?:
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Introducing Ouch! Glow in the Dark, the innovative concept that brings the future of bondage right to your fingertips. With its authentic bondage aesthetic and captivating glow-in-the-dark features, this product is designed to transform any event into a truly memorable experience. The mesmerizing fluorescent green detailing adds an exciting touch to the darkness, ensuring the fun is just beginning when the lights go out.

If you're seeking a way to enhance your pleasure with just a couple of extra inches, look no further. Our thick sleeve is crafted to provide optimal stimulation, while the ball strap ensures it stays securely in place. No matter how passionate your moves may be, this sleeve won't come off easily.

It's worth noting that Ouch! Glow-In-The-Dark products require activation with sunlight prior to enjoying their luminous effect in the dark. So get ready to ignite your senses and dive into a world of unparalleled excitement with Ouch! Glow in the Dark.


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