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The Sex Stool and Inflatable Pillow Kit


MSRP: £44.95
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Now: £39.99
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Enhance your intimate encounters with the Sex Stool accompanied by an inflatable pillow. Immerse yourself in the pleasure as the sturdy steel tubing, enveloped in a protective sponge sleeve, guarantees a reliable and stable foundation. Experience ultimate comfort and support with the resilient elastic bands. Rest atop the luxurious inflatable pillow, specially designed to cater to your desires. Its velvety softness ensures a pleasurable experience, while the handy toy pocket allows you to securely hold your favorite pleasure accessory for delightful hands-free enjoyment. Explore an array of exciting positions, either when enjoying some solo play or with a partner, to elevate your sexual gratification to new heights. Unleash your imagination with the BuzzPinky Sex Stool and Pillow Kit, where endless possibilities await you.


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