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Yummy Cum Drops


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Yummy cum drops, for a better taste and an increased quantity of sperm. Not every woman is over the moon about the taste of sperm. Or rather: many women do not really like it. Yummy Cum Drops do away with this problem. Treat each other to additional sexual pleasure during orgasm. A better taste, a more powerful ejaculation and heightened consistency. Anchors away! PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: Many men consider the fact that their partner allows them to come in her mouth as the divine pinnacle of oral satisfaction. The sperm of every man and every orgasm is different. Sometimes it will taste sweeter than other times, there has never been a 100% guarantee of taste. Until recently. When he uses Yummy Cum Drops, the male produces with each ejaculation the same pleasant taste. Just as food determines the quality of the sperm, you can now also influence its taste from the inside, using Yummy Cum Drops. The male also produces more sperm which results in a heightened consistency. Thanks to a bigger production of semen, the male can climax more frequently and the ejaculation will be more powerful. Swallowing sperm is harmless. It contains, among other things, Calcium, Keratin, Magnesium, Phosphorus, Vitamins B12 and C, Fructose and Zinc. Sperm is nutritious and easy to digest. 95% of the sperm proteins are the easiest to digest in the whole of nature. Sperm only contains 15 calories per ejaculation. - NOTICEABLY MORE FREQUENT AND TASTIER ORGASMS - 100 % GUARANTEE OF TASTE - IMPROVES THE TASTE - MORE POWERFUL EJACULATION - HEIGHTENED CONSISTENCY CONTENT: 30 ml MAIN INGREDIENTS: White Willow Bark extract (Salix alba), Cola extract (Cola acuminata), Guarana extract (Pullinia cupana), Aqua, L-Tyrosine, L-Arginine, Ascorbic acid (Vitamin C), Spirulina (Arthrospira platensis), Potassium Sorbate, Black Pepper (Piper nigrum), Ginger (Zingiber) DOSAGE: Take 4 ml (approximately 20 drops) per day with water.

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