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Orgie Pearl Lust Massage Set

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Feature 1:
Premium Arousal: The Pearls Lust Massage Kit is your gateway to an arousing and sensorial experience. The Silk Glove massage gel, with its premium silicone formulation, offers a dry and extreme silky touch, adding an extra layer of luxury to your int
Feature 2:
Playful Exploration: Squeeze 2 to 3 pump doses of Silk Glove massage gel onto your hands and massage it onto the intended area. Cover the pearls necklace with the remaining gel on your hands, and follow the directions provided in the Pearls Massage G
Feature 3:
Sensory Bliss: The combination of Silk Glove and the pearls necklace allows you to create lusty and arousing sensorial massages, whether on the penis, vulva, or other erogenous zones. It's a journey of pleasure and connection that you won't soon forg
Feature 4:
Ethical and Responsible: The kit is crafted with ethical values in mind, boasting cruelty-free status, absence of parabens, and packaging in a recyclable PET plastic pump bottle, containing 30ml (1 fl oz) of the luxurious massage gel.
Feature 5:
Mint Flavor: Experience the invigorating Mint flavor that adds an exciting and refreshing element to your intimate moments, making them truly unforgettable.
What's the hype?:
Massage Oil & Pearl Necklace combination for erotic massage
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Dive into the world of passion with the Pearls Lust Massage Kit, a carefully curated set that takes the art of arousing, sensorial massages to a new level. This enticing kit includes 01 Silk Glove massage gel, a premium silicone massage gel that offers a dry, exquisitely silky touch, 01 Pearls necklace, and 01 Pearls Massage Guide to lead you on a journey of lust and sensuality. The combination of Silk Glove and the pearls necklace creates the perfect synergy for arousing massages on the penis, vulva, and other erogenous zones.

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